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Bart Cart Styling

Bart Cart Styling


The New Year is here and one thing we always love to change with the season is our bar cart. Below are some tips we think you'll love to help create a dynamic bar cart fit for every visitor occasion.

Create A Vignette With The Cart

Section off an area with your bar cart to create a dynamic visual to attract your visitors to the space. We suggest using art and eclectic decor to shape the section of the room for a clear separation.

Choose Your Cocktail Preferences

When creating a bart cart display, it is easier to start with what cocktails you enjoy most. Champagne and martinis are classic examples that make for a beautiful display together, however, wine and other specialty cocktails may suit your taste better. Once your cocktail preferences are sorted, you can decide on the glasses that match.

Play With Books and Decor

Featuring books with corresponding color palettes is a beautiful way to continue your cocktail theme throughout the entire cart. Not only do books make for pretty display, but they can aid you in creating a diversity of height for balance. 

Remember the Basics

Although your bar cart may be generally a decorative piece, remember that guests may want to indulge when around your beautifully displayed booze. Always remember to feature cocktail napkins and bar tools for ease of use in the case that guests request a cocktail.

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