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How to Layer For Fall

How to Layer For Fall

In the South, it can be tricky to find the perfect balance between style and comfort. Depending on the weather, your perfectly layered outfit may end up bringing on a day of misery if not perfectly thought out. Here are some things to keep in mind when layering for Fall:

1. Simplicity 

A simple pairing such as a white collar and solid sweater is a classic look we cannot bear to part with. This is a great option for those who look for style, comfort, as well as class. This easy go-to look is sure to stay cool for the most part.

2. Material

When layering garments, materials and blends play a very crucial role in the comfort in wear. Opting for a 100% cotton blouse and cashmere is an easy way to maintain breathability. 

3. Try Something New

Not all layered styles have to be the same. Something we love trying is layering a lightweight mock neck or turtleneck tee under a sweater for a chic, but classic look. This style also stands to be comfortable all day because of the stretch of the undergarment. Another fun style to try is to simply tie a cardigan around your shoulders for a casual kicking-it look that sure to impress. 

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