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Monogramming for the Holidays- Our 5 Favorite Monograms for the Home

Monogramming for the Holidays- Our 5 Favorite Monograms for the Home

No Southern home is fully furnished without a few monogram staples. This holiday season is the perfect time to customize personal monogram items for you or a loved one. Here are our favorite home decor items to accentuate your space.

1. Throw Pillow

A decorative throw pillow is a must-have for any stylish home. Adding a personalized monogram to an overstuffed pillow creates a fabulous focal point for any room. 

2. Tissue Box Cover


A classic way to dress up any room or create a sense of cohesiveness in your home is to use personalized tissue box covers. In the guest room or bathroom, this item is sure to catch your guest's eye. 

3. Hand Towel

We love to decorate the kitchen with a fun hand towel. Using your own monogram on linens in the kitchen makes the space feel like its straight out of a magazine. Coordinate the thread colors with your cabinets or try accenting a pop of color you may not usually pick- you can always swap the towel out for another!

4. Bath Towels

Monogrammed bath towels are a traditional staple we love. You can use them in your personal bathroom or in the guest bathroom, and it makes the room look beautiful!

5. Linen Dinner Napkins

A beautiful linen napkin to match a beautiful set of china is something that will never be overlooked at the dining table. When setting the table, opt for your personalized napkins to give a more intimate look and wow your guests.


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