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4th of July Snack Board

Red, White, and Blue Snack Board

The 4th of July just might be one of the most fun holidays on the Island. Not only is it a time to celebrate with fireworks, but it's also a fabulous time to entertain! We're sharing our tips to creating the best patriotic snack board spread.

Go for the Melamine

We love using our melamine serving ware for outdoor entertaining. It's beautiful, yet break-resistant. For this snack spread, we are using the Juliska Melamine Platter

Mix Your Flavors

A great snack board fulfills everyone's hankering. We like to mix both sweet and savory snack items on our boards, especially if you are catering to a large group. Our favorite savory snack is the classic Stonewall Kitchen Red Pepper Jelly over a small block of cream cheese.

Color Coordinate

Of course, this board has to fit all things red, white, and blue for the 4th, so stick to it! Luckily there are plenty of fun snacks that everyone likes that fit in the theme.  For example we used white chocolate covered pretzels, blueberries, strawberries, and marshmallows to name a few.



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