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Setting Your Table for Spring

Setting Your Table for Spring

This week, join Marti as she shares her favorite tableware at the shop right now. Below are a few tips we've found that help when decided how to get that "wow" factor from your guests:
1. Layer Your Dinnerware
There's nothing more beautiful that a table set for courses! We love to layer colors and textures within our table settings to break up any patterns and provide interest.
2. Use Fresh Clips
Adding some fresh stems, if only cuts from your yard, make a table magical. Guests will appreciate the extra effort and remember your table forever!
3. Coordinate Colors
Decide on a theme you would like to carry throughout the table. In the video, one table is set with greens and the other is set with blues. This helps establish an easy path to follow and eases decision-making when it comes to all the extras!
4. Mix Things Up With a Fun Tablecloth
An easy and effective way to create a dynamic table is with the simple use of a fabulous tablecloth. Even if your tableware is simple, the table cloth dresses up the table and gives the impression that thought went into your arrangement!
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