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The 5 Rules of Pickle Ball

The 5 Rules of Pickle Ball

Pickle ball is an island tradition that we always look forward to as the warmer days start to approach. Here are the 5 rules that any newcomer or master player must know.


1. The Ball Can’t Fall Out of Bounds

Similarly in tennis, the lines around the court dictate where you can and cannot let the ball bounce.

2. You Must Follow Proper Serving Regulations

Read more about this here.

3. There Needs to Be One Bounce per Side aka "The Two Bounce Rule "

When serving, you must remember to only let the ball bounce once on your side, otherwise the serve is over and the point will go to the opposing team.

4. During The Serve The Ball Can’t Touch The No-Volley Zone

The no-volley zone is located in a box 7 feet from the net. This is the area you must avoid when serving or else the point will be given to the opposing team.

5. Pickleball Ends at 11, 15, or 21 Points

It is traditional that pickle ball ends at 11 points, but the opposing team must be wining by 2 points. If not, this renders an extended game play. You can end at 15, but some games can go all the way up to 21!


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