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A Faded Tradition and a New Consensus - Wearing White after Labor Day

Who else feels like this summer went by in the blink of an eye? Somehow it's already the beginning of September, and despite the summer heat that seems to never end, our closets are slowly filling with darker hues and thicker fabrics. It's around this time every year that we start questioning the rule that's been engrained in our brains since we could pick out our own clothing: "Can we wear white after Labor Day?"

Well friend, we hate to break it to you, but you gotta bring back out the white pants and shoes you just stored away because to sum it up the answer is a big, fat YES! 

Since becoming a federal holiday in 1894, Labor Day has marked the end of summer. Years ago, white was considered the color of vacation attire. Every year vacationers would trade in their white sundresses and linen pantsuits for navy suits and thick sweaters as they made their way back into the city after a summer of leisure. 

These days, however, the lines between the changing of the seasons have become more and more blurred as the summer heat seems to last FOREVER. Especially on our little slice of paradise where we're wearing flip flops and tank tops until November, sometimes even December (I mean haven't we all spent at least one Christmas on the beach?). Regardless of the weather, white looks so good paired with allll the fall colors and accessories, so don't let a silly rule stop you from looking your best! 

We plan on throwing that age-old rule straight out the window and pulling on our white denim all winter long, and encourage you to do the same! 


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