• The Decorated Home

The Decorated Home


The Decorated Home: Living With Style & Joy

Classic yet cheerful, Meg Braff’s style has a formality that is never studied, an elegance that is approachable and pretty. In seven chapters, Braff shares advice on creating rooms that are both livable and attractive. In the first two chapters, she explores the key elements of her look—color and pattern—and how to employ them for maximum impact in your home.

She discusses the essential elements of stylish bedrooms, the fundamentals of inviting baths and breakfast rooms, and gives tips on making chic outdoor spaces. Finally, Braff explains the importance of finishing touches, the little extras that elevate a room’s decor from good to great. All of her advice comes together in an overall theme of gracious living that will be warmly welcomed by readers looking to impart polish, color, and grace to their home.


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