• Mottahedah Lotus Picnic Set
  • Mottahedah Lotus Picnic Set

Mottahedah Lotus Picnic Set


The Lotus Blossom design is derived from an existing Chinese antique plate in the Mottahedah collection. This stylized lotus flower is a symbol of beauty, purity and tranquility in several cultures. The ancient Egyptians associated the lotus flower with beauty and rebirth.

The white lotus flower and pink lotus flower from the Nelumbo family are seen as meaning purity and devotion. More passionately colored red, purple, and blue Lotus flower blooms can take on a spiritual meaning of ascension, enlightenment, or rebirth.

This tin place set is wonderful for casual meals on the lawn or at the beach. After the meal, just pack up the used plates in the box to bring home for cleaning. Use them over and over with no fear of breakage. Please use plastic or wood cutlery on the plates, as metal ones may scratch.

Set of 4

Diameter 10.25 inches