• Baublerella Glitsy Glove
  • Baublerella Glitsy Glove

Baublerella Glitsy Glove


Over time, jewelry becomes tarnished and never leaves your jewelry box. Well girl, you worked too hard to buy jewelry that can no longer be worn. It’s time to bring it back into the limelight! 

The Glitzy Glove is a hand-crafted jewelry polishing mitt that removes tarnish and adds a protective layer to slow future tarnish. Better yet, it’s safe on all precious metals so there is no need to buy several different polishing cloths. That means more money to spend on new jewelry!

When using the Glitzy Glove, you will be able to see the tarnish go straight from your jewelry to the cloth. Once the polishing cloth is covered in black tarnish it’s time to buy a new one. To keep the Glitzy Glove from drying out, store it in the bag after each use and do not wash.

The Glitzy Glove cleans precious metals.