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Dachshunds: What Dachshunds Want: In Their Own Words, Woofs, and Wags

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There are many things to consider when you bring a new dog into your home. How often should I walk them? Am I overfeeding them? How much training will they need? Are my favorite foods poisonous? This playful and informative book, written from the perspective of your dog, takes a fresh look at the wonderful world of Dachshunds. This all-inclusive guide covers everything you need to know about this lively breed while celebrating their courageous and cuddly personalities. The challenging puppy months, diet, and training are covered along with advice on grooming, maintaining good health, and identifying illnesses.

Richly illustrated by Meredith Jensen and packed with adorable photographs, dog lovers, owners, and enthusiasts will adore this playful celebration of Dachshunds.