• Duke Cannon Solid Cologne

Duke Cannon Solid Cologne


Mobile, hard-working men are usually too preoccupied with the tasks at hand and don’t have time to always worry about how they smell. Thankfully, the folks over at Duke Cannon have developed an easy to use concentrated cologne balm made especially for men like you.
Each Solid Cologne is made from natural and organic ingredients and will leave you smelling great in a matter of seconds. Available in Sea, Air, and Land, you can find the perfect fragrance that matches your personality and personal style. These rugged, yet pleasant, smells come packed in a 1.5-ounce travel tin ideal for traveling as well as everyday carry. Enjoy a fool proof way to smell great no matter what you’re doing.

Sea/Naval Supremacy - Naval Supremacy scent smells like a splash of fresh water, not your grandfather's Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.

Land/Redwood - A masculine, woodsy scent smells like you just walked through a Redwood Forest, not a high school dance.