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Jane Win - Forever Cutout Pendant Coin

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Inspired by Matisse's cutouts, this collection takes our Original Coin Collection and transforms them into double sided pieces that let the light shine through. This coin draws its inspiration from our FOREVER collection, with the North Star guiding your compass home.
Forever find your way home to me - forever my friend, forever finding the true North to your life. This coin pendant is an emblem for finding your way when lost and the certainty that you will end up in the right place. Life is full of choices, roads less traveled and bumps along the way. What is meant to be gets a little help from the firm belief that you will find your way to happiness and home.
Sterling silver dipped in 14k gold, measuring 1" in diameter.

DOUBLE SIDED: A compass with North Star rays on both sides.

18" Drawn Link Chain that can be adjusted in length.