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Jingle Nog Georgie Ornament

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Here is the short story of a tall giraffe named Georgie. He lives on a warm African savannah, far from the snowy North Pole and Santa. Despite their distance, Santa knows not only of Georgie’s existence, but often asks his pal for assistance. On foggy African Christmas Eves, Santa will ring Georgie before he leaves, to ask for his help in guiding the sleigh, so Santa and his team do not lose their way. Each year if need be, Georgie scales the continent’s tallest tree, with a light on his head so Santa can safely make deliveries. The many kind acts of this long necked volunteer, Santa holds high and very dear. Last year Santa deemed, that Georgie is an honorary member of Santa’s team. So do not be surprised if one clear Christmas Eve, on the horizon there appears, 8 deer and 1 giraffe as Santa’s team nears.