• Style Journal Dog Notes 6x8
  • Style Journal Dog Notes 6x8

Style Journal Dog Notes 6x8


Sleek and stylish everyday for dog lovers, covered in vegan faux fur, feels supple and rich. Original designs by Beth Briggs
Binding: The book binding is stitched in section to keep pages secure while allowing it to lay fully open and flat. A matching stitched satin ribbon bookmark is included.
HIGH QUALITY STURDY CASE - The journal cover is of high quality and features dog quotes. The sturdy book has a smooth feel and texture.
Portable: Measuring 5-3 / 4 '' wide x 8-1 / 4 '' long, this notebook is large enough for your thoughts, yet small enough to carry anywhere. Slip it into your purse, backpack or purse and head anywhere. Page Size: 5 '' x 7.9 ''
Inspirational Quotes - Get inspired with dog quotes. Each page has its own quote to help you stay motivated.
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