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Unwritten Rules of Golf

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For some golfers, golf is simply about the play. For others, it’s also an opportunity to network or close a deal. Whatever reason brings a golfer to the course, they will spend eighteen holes trying to win—all while also building relationships with their fellow golfers. In The Unwritten Rules of Golf, Peter Post explains what seasoned golfers and newcomers alike need to know to handle every situation on the golf course with confidence. From slow play and “gimmies” to betting and handling cheaters, Peter’s advice will enhance any golfer’s love of the game. Peter Post is the great grandson of Emily Post and an author, seminar presenter, and avid golfer (with a 17 handicap).

Based on Emily Post Institute surveys of golfers’ biggest annoyances on the course, The Unwritten Rules of Golf addresses situations such as:

  • How to deal with the biggest frustration in golf: slow play.
  • What to do if you break the cardinal rule of never being late.
  • When is a “gimmie” acceptable?
  • The difference between friendly play and tournament play.
  • Dealing with sandbaggers and other cheats.
  • Dos and don’ts when playing for “a little something.”