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Slightly Coastal blogs as our guest this week!

Slightly Coastal blogs as our guest this week!

Greetings!  I’m Nancy from Slightly Coastal, a life and style blog where I share a lot of home décor, a little bit of fashion and beauty, and a little bit of living the good life on Amelia Island, FL.  I adore Two Friends and have some serious heart eyes over all the beautiful home décor and fashion items, so I was thrilled when Marti asked me to share my Easter Tablescape and the elements I think make a tablescape that will knock your guest’s socks off.

Element 1:  Start with the dishes

Probably the best investment you can make is a good set of white dishes.  Having white dishes as your foundation allows you to go in so many directions with your tablescape.  I’m always hunting for appetizer/salad plates that are fun, festive, and unique to pair with my white dishes.  There are so many options and you can achieve a completely different look just by putting patterned plates on top of your basic white dishes.  When I spotted a set of these vintage chinoiserie plates I just knew they would be the jumping off point of my Easter table.

Element 3:  Make each place setting feel special

Since this table will host only four guests, I didn’t create place cards.  Martha Stewart (yes she still knows a good thing when she sees it) recommends place cards for parties of 8 or more.  I wanted each place setting to feel special so I created a special little way to serve the traditional boiled Easter egg.  I used a vintage milk glass sorbet cup to hold a bird’s nest pick I found at my local craft store.  Then I simply tucked an undyed egg into the nest.  I think it makes each place setting feel special even though there isn’t a place card.

Element 4:  Front and Center

The crowning touch to any tablescape is the centerpiece.  However, there are a few things to keep in mind when determining the perfect centerpiece; (1) Keep it low enough guests can easily see everyone at the table and converse with them, (2) Make it interesting from all angles.  A low flower arrangement is the easiest centerpiece because it fits all of these requirements.  No one wants to look at the back of a centerpiece so make sure it looks good from all directions.

Element 5:  Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers add a little life to any tablescape.  I created these DIY Moss planters to hold one fresh hydrangea each.  It adds another layer of texture and harmonizes with the other colors on the table. 

Sometimes one single stem of something displayed in a unique way is more impactful than an entire arrangement.

I hope you found some inspiration in this tablescape.  To see more of my crazy island life and décor come on over and visit me at Slightly Coastal.


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