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How to Fly and Be Fly - Tips for Stress-Free Travel

How to Fly and Be Fly - Tips for Stress-Free Travel

With summer in full swing, it seems like everyone is in full on travel mode. Everyone's flying to visit family or jetting away to a tropical paradise, returning to somewhere they've been or exploring somewhere new. Either way, traveling is exhausting. There's busy airports, lengthy layovers, and long flights. We welcome anything that can make those days a little easier, so we've put our heads together and picked the things that make our travel days a little less hectic while keeping us lookin' fly!  

First and foremost, it's most important to have the right luggage. We love using Jon Hart's 360 Carry On and Left Bank Tote when we're traveling. The 360 Carry On is our favorite because it's big enough to fit everything you'll need for your trip, yet small enough to be used as a carry on, which means you won't have to wait forever at baggage claim. It also has 360 degree wheels, which makes running through the airport to catch your next flight super easy! For longer trips, opt for a bigger suitcase and use the Left Bank Tote as a carry on. It's the perfect size to fit all your odds and ends during a long flight, and has several pockets to keep things organized. The best thing about these bags is that they come in tons of different colors and can be personalized with your name or monogram! 

Next, it's time to plan the perfect travel outfit. It's important to be stylish, yet comfy and practical. Stay away from complicated outfits with tons of accessories and shoes that take an hour to get off when you're going through security. We like to keep it comfy in our favorite Lior Center Seam Blouse paired with the amazing Sasha Pants by Lior Paris and simple accessories. Add the Belton Slip-Ons and you're guaranteed to look fabulous while staying comfy and breezing through TSA.

We all know it's easy to look like a zombie after a long day of traveling. That's why we never leave for a trip without One Love Organics' Skin Savior. This multi-tasking wonder balm is literally a lifesaver. It removes makeup, moisturizes, and illuminates the skin making it perfect for freshening up during a flight or relaxing after a busy day. Pair this with Sara Happ's Lip Slip and there's no way anyone will be able to tell you've been on a plane all day. 


Jon Hart Luggage

Our #1 Center Seam Blouse

Sasha Pants by Lior Paris



Super Comfy Platform, Italian-made Shoe by Summit


One Love Organics-Skin Savior


The Lip Slip by Sara Happ


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