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Ranch re-do

  • Glimpses....

    It's been almost 2 months and we are slowly but surely making this "Ranch Dressing" home!  Thought you might enjoy some pics of the progress. Our daughter has gone off to school and it's a rarity to see her room so clean and perfect!  The prettiest wallpaper you ever did see! ... View Post
  • Ranch Dressing--Lighting Inspirations

    Here are a few of my favorite trying to decide where they all could go.  View Post
  • Ranch Re-Do #5

    It's been a hectic but glorious holiday and now we are back on track with our posting. Many of you have asked about the progress of the Ranch Re-Do and we are happy to post new pictures.  Since all houses need a name we have decided that this beauty needs one too!  After visiting with friends ove... View Post
  • Ranch Re-Do #4

    We left on Thursday to head out of town and this is what was I saw through my camera. When I stopped by this morning (Monday) this is what I fireplace and lots of water from the torrential rains that have parked on top of our island!  I must say it was a productive few days. The tree... View Post