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The Silhouette Solution: Using What You Have to Get the Look You Want

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Using your existing clothes plus a splash of something new, The Silhouette Solution provides a method that transforms how you’ll view your wardrobe, your style, and ultimately, yourself.

With just four tops, four bottoms, and a few pairs of shoes, Brenda Cooper shows you how to create the foundation for a fabulously functional wardrobe. Regardless of your age, size, body type, or budget, you’ll have a set of modern, versatile, mix-and-match pieces that work for every occasion of your life. Learn how to effortlessly:

• Coordinate comfortable, stylish outfits
• Discover your true style ID
• Accept your body with loving kindness
• Reinvent your wardrobe
• Know exactly what to shop for
• And enjoy a newfound fashion freedom

With The Silhouette Solution’s strategy, you’ll get out the door in a fraction of the time, feeling beautiful and at home in your body. That kind of empowerment is always in style!