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5 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day on St. Simons Island

5 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day on St. Simons Island

Most of our days on the island are full of sunshine but every so often on a weekend when we have time off it's rainy & just yucky!  So what to do on an island in the rain you ask?  Well we know just what to do!  Here are 5 things to try on a rainy island day...

1.  Catch a movie at Island Cinemas...sometimes you can catch a classic flick in addition to the latest releases.

2.  Shop Hop in Redfern Village then have lunch on the Gnat's Landing Porch or Catch 228 Porch and watch the rain come down

3. Visit the Lighthouse Museum at the A.W. Jones Heritage Center for a taste of St. Simons Island History

4. Stop by the Library, grab a book and rock the afternoon away in the rocking chairs at the Casino

5. Take a leisurely drive around the island and explore streets you've never traveled. You are sure to find unexpected treasures around every corner. 

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