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Pray, Live, Love & Shine by Kate T. Lewis

Pray, Live, Love & Shine by Kate T. Lewis

When we aren’t prayed up, any little thing can  come along that unnerves us and we just start pulling words and emotions out of nowhere. We just start yanking from a grab bag of reactions, hair flying and lipstick faded. Defensive? Sure, got plenty. Embarrassed? Got that, too. Melt down? Oh, here, I’ve been saving that one up. 

Let’s call it a mispronunciation. You mispronounced “Oops, I’m sorry about that” when you said “Y’all all crazy, I didn’t do anything wrong”. 

But we gotta watch those reactions and “mispronunciations”, because God allows some things to happen as a way to help us learn. And if you start slinging that Louis Vuitton and taking off your earrings like your mama ain’t still living, you really aren’t learning a thing. 

It’s just a lot more pleasant for everybody when we stay connected to God and let him walk us through our everyday. Let him nudge you toward the friend who could use a hug rather than an attitude. And let him point out the friend who needs your compliment rather than your complaining. 

This life is nothing you can’t handle, girl. Pray, live, love, and shine. You’re awesome. 


Kate T. Lewis is a TF Guest Blogger from Perry, Georgia. She is a wise woman and quite the word-crafter. Follow her on Instagram (@kate_on_the_daily) for her witty, thoughtful & encouraging words.

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