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Some days the chickens can't be caught!

Some days the chickens can't be caught!

by: Guest Blogger,  Kate Lewis


There are gonna be days your chickens just can’t be caught. Not every day is going to happen like you have it mapped out in your MomAgenda. So before your voice starts getting shrill and your hair gets big, let me just put this out there: Your circumstance is God’s love language. 

If everything ran smoothly every day, you’d have no reason to want to know God. You’d think you had it allll figured out, that you were fine on your own. You’d swing those hips and raise your chin just high enough to smooth out that neck skin. Uh-huh, we see you. We also know your anxiety is sky high and you’re not sleeping well at night. 

Know that God sees all that and the rest. And he wants to help you. He puts obstacles in our way so we can learn to love and trust him. And by learning to love him, we learn to love each other better. (sorry for what I said about your neck skin)

So, ease up and take a breath. Stop trying to fix everything, pray and let God love you through it. 


*Kate is our sweet friend and magical word crafter from Perry, Georgia. Follow her Instagram page kate_on_the_daily for more inspiration and fabulousness!

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