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How to Dress for Your Family Christmas Card Photo

How to Dress for Your Family Christmas Card Photo

Can you believe that it's almost time for Christmas? We couldn't be more excited! There's just something so special about this time of year. Nothing makes life more cheerful and happy like time spent with family, giving gifts, and sharing time-honored traditions. One of our favorite traditions at Two Friends is sending a family Christmas card! You can even design your very own custom Christmas Cards from the comfort of your own home by clicking here. With so many options to choose from, there's no reason to not create the perfect Christmas card to send from your family to your loved ones! 

Many people ask us what to wear for the big family photo that will take the place of pride on the front of their Christmas card. Our answer is simple. Whatever makes you happy! This family photo is yours! Show your own personality, and above all else, be comfortable in whatever you choose! Of course we do have a few tips, but it's most important that you like what you're wearing and that you feel comfortable. 

Top Tips for Family Christmas Card Photos

    1. Plan everyone's outfit ahead of time - Definitely choose every piece of each family member's outfit ahead of time. This gives you the flexibility you'll need in case little sister needs the right color bow for her hair, or dad needs to make sure he gets the right color pants. Nothing is worse than scrambling around on the day of the photoshoot trying to make sure everything is perfect.
    2. Coordinating Colors vs Matching Colors - Now this one may be controversial. We like the look of coordinating color families rather than completely matchy-matchy looks. Now there is something to be said for a beautiful beach portrait in all white linen, or jeans and black shirts - those are classic options that always look great. However, if you're looking to do something a little different, consider opting for varying shades of dark navy and blue, neutral earth tones, different denim washes, or even different flannel patterns in the same color pallet. 
    3. Choose practical footwear - Nine times out of ten, your photo is going to be taken outside. So before you go pulling those cute heels out of your closet, consider the location. Is your photo being taken on the beach? Maybe it could be cute to opt for boots, wellies or even go barefoot! 
    4. Avoid tight patterns - Tight patterns like fine pinstripes or busy small florals typically do not photograph well. If you're going with patterns, opt for something easier on the lens like buffalo check or larger tartan plaids. 

There you have it! Here are our tried and true tips for the perfect family photo looks. The most important step of all is that you remember to relax, have fun and enjoy the experience. 

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